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The book of Proverbs is packed full of heavenly wisdom concerning business affairs and money. Throughout the book comparisons are made between the sluggard, wicked, foolish  and the diligent, righteous, wise.


If you spend time studying this book, you will no doubt begin to look at your job and your money from God's perspective, opening the door for His blessing!


All scripture references are from the Amplified Bible


Part One:

3:9-10   Honor the Lord

6:6-11   Consider the Ant

8:10-11  Receive Instruction

10:4       The Diligent Hand

10:16     The Honest Path

10:22     The Gift of Blessing


Part Two:

11:15     The Wisdom to Say No

11:17     Generous Deeds

11:18     A Sure & Satisfying Reward

11:28     The Right Trust

12:9       Grace for the Humble

12:11     Tilling Your Land

Part Three:

12:14     The Harvest Reward

12:24     Promotion

12:27     Precious Possessions

13:4       Abundance Supplied

13:11     Easy Come Easy Go

13:18     A Teachable Heart

Part Four:

13:25     A Satisfied Appetite

14:4       Effort for Increase

14:23     Profitable Labor

15:6       Treasures of the Righteous

15:15     Continual Feast

15:16      Less is More

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